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Glass Door Pulls(YK-4104)

Glass Door Pulls(YK-4104)

1.Item Feature:

YK-4104 is a tough, dependable handle that can be utilized in both commercial and residential buildings. Its contemporary appeal makes it ideal for busy office environments, hotels, pubs, restaurants and shops. 

2.Durable Stainless Steel:

All made from AISI304 and AISI316 High Grade Stainless Steel,which means it is both strong and resistant. 


Diameter(mm):ø25 ø32 ø38

Height(mm):400 500 600


Back to Back mount,suitable for glass door, wood door, cabinet, frame door and so on.

5.Simple to Maintain:

To retain the best possible corrosion resistance it is necessary to keep the surface of the stainless steel clean. This can be done using a clean cloth and a mild detergent or soap, then rinsing with warm clean water and drying with a towel. .


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