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Round Channel Pipe And Base Profile System


Round Channel Pipe And Base Profile System

1.It can be make long railing with more middle connectors.

2.The material can be stianless steel 304 and 316 with satin and mirror finish for choice.

3.It is suitable to be installed at any public or private railing with lower budget.

4.The DIY round railing can be very easy and simple install with pipe and necessary connectors.

5.The necessary accessories has included Top handrail pipe,U-channel pipe,Rubber,End cap,Middle connecting fittings,three or four way connector,etc.

6.The round stainless steel pipe can be dia:42.4/50.8/63.5mm with different thickness for your choice.
7.Different thickness of glass suit with differ base profiles,more type and color of glass for your choice.

Base Profile Details
NO. Glass thickness Inner U-szie Wall thickness Material Finish
1 10mm W18*H31 4mm SS304/316 Satin/Mirror
2 12mm W20*H33 5mm SS304/316 Satin/Mirror
3 15mm W23*H35 5mm SS304/316 Satin/Mirror
4 19mm W27*H40 5mm SS304/316 Satin/Mirror
5 21mm W29*H40 5mm SS304/316 Satin/Mirror

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