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          Question 1: Stainless steel is what steel?
          Answer: Stainless steel is a kind of steel,steel means that Carbon (C)content less than 2% called steel ,over 2% is iron.Steel in the smelting process to join Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni), Manganese (Mn), Silicon (Si), Titanium (Ti), Molybdenum (Mo), and other alloying elements to improve its performance to steel with a decay resistance (i.e. not on rust) is we often say of the stainless steel.

          Question 2: Why stainless steel have different grade of steel?
          Answer: Stainless steel in the smelting process, due to alloy element variety, different varieties of different addition amount.Its characteristic is also different, in order to distinguish the crown on the different grade of steel, the following is a common decorative stainless steel different steel grade "alloy element" content table is only for reference:

         Steel C    Si     Mn     P     S     Cr   Ni  Mo  Cu
         304 ≤0.08  ≤1.00  ≤2.00  ≤0.045  ≤0.03  18-20  8-11    
         301 ≤0.15  ≤1.00  ≤2.00  ≤0.045  ≤0.03  16-18  6-8    
         202 ≤0.15  ≤1.00  7.5-10  ≤0.05  ≤0.03  17-19  4-6    
         201 ≤0.15  ≤1.00  5.5-7.5  ≤0.05  ≤0.03  16-18  3.5-5.5    

         Question 3: What kind of stainless steel is not easy to rust?
         Answer: The main factors of influence stainless steel corrosion are three:
         First: Alloy element content, generally speaking chromium content in the steel is 10.5% is not easy to rust. Nickel chrome the higher the content corrosion is better, such as 304 material of nickel content in 8-10%, chromium content reached 18 - 20%, the stainless steel in general cases will not rust.
         Second: Production enterprise of smelting process can also affect the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Smelting technology, advanced equipment, advanced technology of large stainless steel factory whether in alloy element control, impurity removal, billet cooling temperature control can be guaranteed, so the product quality is stable and reliable, and inner quality good, is not easy to rust. And a few small steel plant equipment backward, technological level, smelting process, does not remove impurities, the products will be hard to avoid rusting.
          Third: External environment, climate is dry ventilated good environment is not easy to rust. And the air humidity is big, continuous wet weather, or air contains PH big environment area is easy to rust. 304 stainless steel material, if the surrounding environment is too bad will be rusted.

          Question 4: Stainless steel is not belt magnetic, without magnetic is good stainless steel? If the microstrip magnetic is not 304?
          Answer: Many clients to the market to buy stainless steel, with their own a small magnet, see delivery to the end of the absorption that don't suck it is good stainless steel. Don't take magnetic will not rust, actually this is a wrong understanding. Stainless steel belt not without magnetic is the organization structure decision, molten steel in the solidification process due to the solidification temperature will form different "ferrite" "Austenitic" "martensite" and so on the different organizational structure of the stainless steel, including "ferrite" "martensite" stainless steel are belt magnetic. And "austenitic" stainless steel its comprehensive mechanical properties, process performance weldability are good, but only from corrosion resistance with magnetic for "ferrite" stainless steel is stronger than "austenitic" stainless steel. The present market circulation of high manganese nickel less the so-called 200 series, 300 series stainless steel also without magnetic, but its performance and high nickel 304 gap is very big, on the contrary, 304 after drawing, annealing, polishing, casting such processing will microstrip magnetic, so use stainless steel belt without magnetic to judge the quality of stainless steel is a kind of misunderstanding, is not scientific.

          Question 5: How to scientifically authority effective identification stainless steel material?
          1. Spectral instrument analysis, general steel factory will use spectrometer to do material analysis report, the test speed, high precision, and can test stainless steel element composition, through the spectrum color strength accurate to calculate the stainless steel elements composition content meets the standards of qualified; Its principle is to use the infrared material of light absorption not to qualitative and quantitative, different material with different chemical bond, its absorption wavelength of light absorption is different, and how much is proportional to the amount of substance and, therefore can be used to quantitative.
          2. Market commonly used to identify material method is: one is: with magnet see material pledge have magnetic, nonmagnetic for 201, with a small amount of magnetic for 304; Two is: with acid, look to whether corrosion change color, color to 201, discoloration 304; Three is: see material pledge grinding gloss, high purity, luster bright deeply 304, burnish light for 201; And the three market material identification method is not scientific, and comprehensive really identify the material of 201 and 304, but Vietnam market but with a lot of, I believe that with the Vietnam local stainless steel development and use of market has increased, supporting material detection and identification method more scientific.
         JINXIN Hardware Products Manufactory all processing products used stainless steel material, all the authorities with the qualitative semi-quantitative method, providing detailed spectral analysis report, by our quality control department to confirm the report of element content all the circumstances, can enter the company's raw materials warehouse and processing cutting. At the same time, the factory all the products out of the factory with all material spectral analysis report together to customer audit, and as the basis for warranty for the product.



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