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Analysis Of Israel Marina Palma Holiday Resort Hotel Designing Work

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Marina Palma Holiday Resort Hotel is located in the beautiful scenery of Israel, it is a romantic and elegant place, the young couple to find the romantic mood here.This is a place full of love and romance,therefore,the resort is designed for couples,let them create a romantic resort.

Facing the sea,the hotel has beautiful picturesque surroundings in harmony with elegant hilly country garden and ingenious Villa architecture.Jing Yu JINXIN Designer compared with the traditional fence and provide a better solution, it has never rust, good flexibility and strong impact resistance,especially resist snow load and wind load capacity--Stainless Steel Cable Railing.

Resort is equipped with swimming pool for couples,anywhere in the resort has a way to the pool and bath crock. Private jacuzzi area of the ceramic tile color should be dark in the pool, aims to build private recreational area for the guest. Corridor is equipped with air vents,you can enjoy sunshine nourish throughout the day. In spare time to enjoy the different light and shadow  walking in the corridor.About preface hall,it usd simple white geometric decoration, close to the main road, yard is closed,there are many trees inside the courtyard.The guests into the resort, for their first impression is the space of peace. At the same time, the white sequence hall can be used as film projection screen.
Due to the comprehensive style of the hotel, holiday requirements tend to be more natural, contracted,arched canal reminds us of nature in a simple Mediterranean style. On this basis, the use of local materials and traditional elements in order to obtain the west and the cathartic effect. Architecture and interior design details emphasize the abstract use of marine elements, whether it is the choice of materials or concrete railings and door handles design, we have highlighted the marine elements, so that each part of the building has coherence.

The construction land for the irregular quadrilateral, roads and canals to control the basic trend of the site. Therefore, the construction and park design are also designed according to the two axis, to obtain the spatial depth of the landscape and the landscape of the landscape. In order to obtain a holiday low scale effect, the building has taken back to Taiwan to deal with the neighbor space more cordial. The back of the building has formed a multi level terrace space, as an aerial garden and a three-dimensional leisure space.

The selection of building materials considered the geographical factors, the local rich stone and shell resources for the building materials provide a variety of possible. Exterior wall base body part uses a different splicing of local stone, outside the walls of the upper part of the rough Khaki plastering, plastering material blending shellfish materials, building prominent marine characteristics, cover gallery section consider to the wooden structure and canvas as the main material, outdoor railings to tailgate and iron, combined with the layout of the flower beds, conspicuous leisure characteristics.

Hotel building pursuit of freedom, romantice, nature, relaxed experience space, with pure elements of color ingenious combination to bring guests comfortable visual experience, it will be bright, bold, colorful and gorgeous color blend together, played a cultural song from the exotic! Give every guests wonderful memories.

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