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Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand, also known as the old Don Mueang International Airport, IATA Code: DMK, ICAO Code: VTBD) is located in Bangkok, Thailand international airport.
When you take a plane to Bangkok don Muang airport, besides being attracted to foreign exotic amorous feelings, also have to praise the airport inside and outside decoration luxurious color, many details of the place more show wonderful fine.
Walking in the spacious corridors and aisle, on both sides of the straight into the eye is a row of platoon stainless steel column we Jingyu JINXIN production. They are lined up neatly arranged, beautiful style and dignified and wait for the guests from all over the world.
This column with a unique design of stigma, unique geometric lines engraved shape, let it proud place oneself in among the eight side guests view, can not ignore its existence.
Since Thailand is a state of ceremonies, but also have to Chinese friendly. Our products will sign in the city of the building we witnessed the Sino Thai friendship has a long history.

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