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JINXIN Hardware Show New Products At The VIETBUILD Exhibition

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Established in 2012 April, Vietnam office, in short two years time, by virtue of JINXIN Hardware company, excellent product quality, continuous innovation and company colleagues to new markets to explore and develop extremely hard and bitter, quickly open the Vietnamese market. At present JINXIN Hardware with Vietnam's largest private enterprise Eurowindow Company has established long-term stable cooperative relations and, as the glass curtain wall, glass standoff  and other products of supplier involvement in Vietnam Hanoi airport construction project.

In 2014,JINXIN brand in Vietnam officially registered trademark protection, marking the JINXIN Hardware moving standardization, branding, international development and a step forward. Way streched endless ahead, I will seek. The future JINXIN Hardware will be became Vietnam's largest stainless steel hardware building materials suppliers, and in Vietnam as the pilot, in the global setting up more branches -- as long as there is a building where there is a JINXIN Hardware products.

In November 20, 2014,JINXIN Vietnam branch send 6 people to attend the VIETBUILD exhibition, which is an exhibition of international directly sponsored by the Vietnam National Ministry of construction of the annual session of the construction, building materials, decoration to display products and real estate, is Vietnam's largest and strongest influence, the highest degree of internationalization, but also one of the most attractive exhibition in Southeast Asia area. JINXIN Hardware Global Sales Director Ms. Li Mianjuan in person at the scene to guide the work. In VIETBUILD exhibition on display the new product for the first time:Stainless Steel  Invisible Floor Drain, the product set of practical and beautiful in a body, a display of rave reviews, innovation and competitive product prices in the market is becoming more and more popular.

In addition, the exhibition also showcases JINXIN main and hot sales products: Stainless Steel Short Column, Stainless Steel Glass Guardrail and Accessories, and the company is vigorously promoting the innovative products, such as Bathroom Hardware, Glass Curtain Wall Series, Glass Canopy Accessories and so on. If you are interested, please come and visit the Vietnam Hanoi VIETBUILD exhibition hall 719, D, No. 732 booths to visit the guide, carry Cheng to welcome you!

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